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Homily in Week of Prayer for Christian Unity – Fr. Nicholas King

The theologian Frances Young describes her experience of driving through the lanes near her home in Birmingham, with her very handicapped son Arthur, and coming across a woman trying to […]


The ‘I Am’ Sayings in St. John’s Gospel: An Introduction – The Chaplain

A warm welcome back to College, to students, staff, Fellows, choristers, parents and visitors. It has been a recent tradition to have a sermon series in the Hilary term, and […]


Remembrance Day – The Right Rev’d David Urquhart

‘War will continue to the end’ (Daniel 9:26) The national movement of remembrance started after what was called ‘the war to end wars’ in a combination of grief and loss, […]


All Saints – Rev’d Nicholas King

It is November. In the Northern Hemisphere, this is a dead month. Dead leaves are being stripped off the trees; the darkness seems all-pervasive; and November contains, of course, Weeks […]


The Wisdom to Know the Difference – Dr Susan Gillingham

I wonder if any of you were surprised by our Old Testament reading from Ecclesiastes. It could not be more different from the readings from Proverbs in the first two […]


Freshers’ Sermon – The Chaplain

“Bilbo used often to say that there was only one road; that it was like a great river: its springs were at every doorstep, and every path was its tributary. […]


Salt of the Earth – The Chaplain

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there lived a rich man and his three daughters. One day, the rich man asked his daughters, “How much do you love […]


Trinity Sunday – Dr Susan Gillingham

‘Trinity Term’ – two words which we have all used many times over the last few weeks. But the term ‘Trinity’ – now that is a conundrum. And yet on […]


Pentecost – Professor Sarah Foot

+ ‘I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions and your old men shall […]


Revelation 21:22-22:5 – Very Rev’d Victor Stock

At Harvard there are resonances with Oxford, not least a fast-flowing river and oarsmen rowing. Connecting the boathouses with Harvard and crossing the Charles River is a bridge with, on […]