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Beware, keep alert – Matthew Cheung Salisbury

Beware, keep alert; for you do not know when the time will come. (Mk 13.33) This evening we might be said to be sitting uncomfortably between two points of perspective. […]


Remember – Fr. Richard Finn

Remembering the dead in war takes many forms. Some memories come unbidden: men who fought in the trenches or were imprisoned in the camps have woken drenched in sweat as […]


Ethics and the Market Place – Rt. Rev’d Christopher Hill

I gather that your rota-ed preacher of two Sundays ago, Canon Mark Oakley of St Paul’s Cathedral, had to cancel his preachment – no great surprise with the way in […]


Vronsky’s Code – Lord Harries of Pentrgarth

The central drama in Tolstoy’s great novel Anna Karenin is provided by the love of the passionate Anna for Count Vronsky. At one point Tolstoy writes Vronsky was particularly happy […]


Give unto Caeser – Canon Prof. Nicholas Orme

Freedom! What a wonderful thing! This year, we’ve seen it fought for and greeted with rapture across North Africa. Those of us who are older can remember the fall of […]


Freshers’ Sermon – The Chaplain

I want to welcome you all to Chapel tonight – welcome back students, boys, parents, staff and fellows, and especially to welcome new SCR members, Freshers and, of course, our […]


Things Temporal and Things Eternal – Dr Susan Gillingham

I wonder if any of you have read a recent study of why people ‘deconvert’ from Christianity? It was intriguing. Those surveyed were between 20 and 50, and from different […]


Going Fishing – Canon Andrew Piper

‘I’m going fishing’ was my father’s way of signalling to us that he was feeling stressed and that he wanted some space. He usually decided to go fishing for one […]


Herod’s Temple – Rt. Rev’d Tom Butler

Lord may this word be spoken so that it is your voice that is heard and your name that is honoured. It’s a great pleasure to share your worship this […]


Dante’s Purgatory: Sloth – Prof. Paul Ewart

When the chaplain gave me the topic of sloth in this series on the 7 deadly sins I wondered for a moment if this was a bit of sub-conscious type-casting. […]