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Envy – Dante’s Il Purgatorio, Canto XIII 37-72 and James 3: 13-18 – The Chaplain

The Chaplains’ Event taking place all this week, Exploring Faith, is an event that used to be called ‘The Chaplains’ Mission’. In essence, this week’s talks are also a mission […]


Dante Sermon Series Introduction – The Chaplain

I was having dinner in Worcester, sometime last term, and the conversation came round to the subject of the sermon series this term. As some of you may know, it […]


Remembrance Day – Very Rev’d June Osborne

Prince Harry came to Wiltshire this week. He was present when a new Field of Remembrance for those killed in Afghanistan was dedicated at Lydiard Park. 349 young men and […]


Feast of St Martin – Fr. Nicholas King

Ninety years ago today, at 11.00am on the 11th day of the eleventh month, after two minutes of silence, King George V dedicated the Cenotaph, newly designed by Sir Edwin […]


All Saints – Rt. Rev’d Dr John Saxbee

Saints bother me and I’m not quite sure why. It is not difficult to describe what a Saint is. A Saint is one · By whom God’s Word speaks to […]


A response to government spending cuts – Jonathan Bartley

How might we assess and respond to the Government’s long awaited Spending Review? Not perhaps a question that you would expect Jesus to be addressing in first century Palestine. And […]


Freshers’ Sermon – The Chaplain

Words from St. John’s Gospel: ‘You did not choose me: I chose you. I appointed you to go on and bear fruit, fruit that shall last; so that the Father […]


Leavers’ Sermon – The Chaplain

In 1989, when I came up to Oxford as an undergraduate at St. Peter’s I was told on my matriculation day, by a certain Francis Warner, an English Don there, […]


Feast of the Sacred Heart – Fr. Nicholas King

Today’s feast is, you may feel, a very Catholic one, associated with some very kitsch art, and some undesirable sentimentality, and not at all appropriate for the setting of a […]


Music, Theology and the Chapel – Dr Susan Gillingham

We have had a wonderful year of chapel music. So, as we approach the end of this academic year, it seems appropriate to say something about the relationship between music, […]