The Chapel Sacristans, along with the Chaplain, look after the Chapel itself and play an important part in the services. This involves welcoming people to the Chapel and ensuring that they have everything they need for the service. Before the service the sacristans prepare the Chapel for worship by lighting candles, finding the readings and setting up the altar if it is a Eucharist. Whilst during the service they sit at the back of the Chapel to open the door for the procession and help latecomers to find a seat to minimize embarrassment. If the service is a Eucharist, one of the sacristans robes and reads the Epistle as well as assisting at the altar and administering the chalice. The sacristans also tidy up after the service and ensure that the Chapel always looks its best.

The Chapel Sacristans are: Susannah Worster (Head Sacristan), Mary Magorrian and Lucinda Armstrong.

If you are interested in helping out in the Chapel as a sacristan then please contact the Chaplain or Susannah.

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