Worcester College Chapel is unique in Oxford in maintaining a choral tradition in which alto, tenor, and bass choral scholars are joined alternately by adult sopranos and boy trebles. Four choral services are sung each week during the University term in the College’s beautiful eighteenth-century chapel.

Worcester is proud to offer opportunities to university students to perform in the chapel under professional direction, providing a welcome space for creativity and reflection in the busy life of an Oxford college.

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Worcester’s choir maintains an active performance profile both inside and outside the College. Whilst the main duty of the choir is to provide music to accompany worship in the College chapel, the choir also performs regularly in concerts in Oxford and further afield. The choir has frequently been heard on live BBC broadcasts as well as on numerous recordings, including two CDs which were named the BBC Music Magazine Christmas Choice in 2012 and 2014.

There have been recent concerts in St John’s Smith Square and St Martin-in-the-Fields in London, and tours across Europe including Italy, France and Germany.

The repertoire performed by the choirs is wide-ranging, and a typical music list for the term might include newly transcribed plainsong liturgies alongside newly commissioned repertoire in the same week. Worcester College Choir has a particular affinity for contemporary music, and is proud to be part of a rich heritage of composition in the College, whose Music fellows have always been distinguished composers.

In recent times, the choir has made a particular feature of performing with instrumental groups, from its termly orchestral Mass, to concert performances of major works by Haydn, Handel, and Purcell.

These choirs are run by Worcester’s Director of Chapel Music and Organ Scholars.

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