How to Apply


How to apply for a Choral or Organ Award

Places in the Worcester College choir are by audition. The main audition period for choral scholarships is the annual choral trials, held across the University each September. Auditions are held by the College, and applicants are also auditioned as part of a centralised system. Applicants then apply to read academic subjects offered by the College. A further audition period is held in October each year. The number of places available at each audition period varies each year, and will depend on the balance of the parts at the time. It may also be possible to join the choir at other times of the year, depending on availability. Members of other Colleges are welcome to sing as part of Worcester Chapel Choir, and external members enjoy the same benefits as Worcester students.

For organ scholarships, entry is through the University organ trials each September. Candidates are interviewed for academic places in the University at the same time.

For more information on the central University Admissions and Awards system, please see this page on the Music Faculty’s website.

The Director of Chapel Music, Thomas Allery, is happy to receive enquiries and offer advice about choir membership or organ scholarships at any time. He may contacted at [email protected].