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chapel outwardsWorcester College, with its beautiful gardens and lake, eighteenth century Hall and William Burges Chapel, make it one of the most attractive and memorable locations in Oxford in which to get married.

The College warmly welcomes former and current members to create their perfect wedding day in this magical place. However, places are limited each year. Whether you would like a gala banquet or a marquee by the lake, our Conference Administrator will be delighted to discuss your ideas, whilst the Chaplain is available to help you make your marriage service in the Chapel an intimate and joyous occasion.

Guidelines and Procedures

Only a limited number of current members, alumni, and staff of the College are eligible to be married in the Chapel each year. Under special circumstances children and grand children of former members may seek authorisation from the College authorities to have their wedding at Worcester College but permission is not normally given.

In order to be married in the Chapel the couple require a Special Licence. This must be applied for from the Archbishop of Canterbury who will give them permission to be married on a specific day in Worcester College Chapel instead of in their local parish church. In order to obtain this licence at least one of the couple must be baptised into a Christian Church, show legitimate reason to be married in the Chapel and have the permission of the Chaplain and College authorities. The incumbent in charge of the parish where the couple would be entitled to marry by banns should also have been consulted. Application for a special licence is made to the Faculty Office, 1 The Sanctuary, Westminster, London SW1P 3JT, telephone: 020 7222 5381 (Ex: 7162), email: [email protected] by the couple. There is a fee for this licence (£310). Part of the form which the Faculty Office will send out, is to be completed by the couple and part by the minister who will conduct the service. Once the application has been approved, one of the couple will have to swear an affidavit to confirm the information. This can be done in front of an Anglican minister or at the Faculty office. The licence will be sent out to the minister who is to conduct the service about three weeks before the wedding. It is important to allow six months for this procedure. Other arrangements should not be made until you know that the special licence will be granted.

Individuals of other faiths may have a service of blessing in the Chapel after a civil ceremony according to the rites of the Church of England. Permission to have a service and minister of other Christian denominations and faiths must be sought by the Chaplain and College authorities.

Wedding services usually take place on Saturdays during vacations.

The couple will be expected to meet with the Chaplain to discuss their wedding service and for marriage preparation at least three times before their wedding day. In addition to this, in the week prior to the wedding, there will be a rehearsal for the bride, groom, best man and bride’s father. This will normally take about half an hour and will be a complete run through of the service.


  • We can only accommodate a few weddings each year
  • The Chapel holds approximately 100 people
  • Music may be arranged with the College organ scholars
  • Photography is allowed before and after the service whilst unobtrusive videoing is permitted throughout*
  • Flowers in the Chapel are to be arranged privately in consultation with the Chaplain
  • Confetti is not permitted anywhere within the College grounds
  • Booking your reception is through the Conference Administrator, who will be available to discuss your menu choice, and requirements from the wine cellar. Contact [email protected]
  • As old and valued members of this historic and working College it is trusted that you and your guests will act in a fitting and responsible manner

Our Charges – 2016

Mininmum donation to Worcester College – £1000

Officiant (Chaplain or visiting priest) – £150

Organist – £140

Parish Registers – £100

Choir – £70 per singer

Choir Director – £140

Booking fee for reception – please contact the conference office for catering options and fees

Video fees – double fee for all musicians performing

Notes on Charges

The booking fee for a wedding reception will be deducted from the final account. In the event of cancellation this fee will not be refunded.

The local parish church charges £100 for the use of the marriage register. This is standard procedure for Oxford Colleges.


Please see below for some example wedding photos from 2015. These photos © Alexandra Jane.

Laura and Jon Wedding

Laura and Jon Wedding 2

Laura and Jon Wedding 3


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